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Friday, February 18, 2011

Penguins in WA!

I know I write about a lot of books and tell you how great they are, but this one really is great. Both of my girls begged me not to take it back to the library after having already renewed it TWICE! lol We also got to check out  "Oops" written by the same author and it was just as captivating! I was so bummed that our library doesn't carry the other books she wrote!

What do you do when you find something great? You share it! And thats exactly what I did! For our next library meet up with friends, I took this book to read. On our way out the door, I asked the girls to dig through their puppet bin and find a penguin. I couldn't believe it when we realized that we didn't have one!!!

So, I felt inspired and came up with this guy! Isn't he a cutie? I was so excited how he turned out! I have recently got my etsy store slowly up and running and I'm adding things as I get them done. I don't have him on there yet but will soon! :) And I make all sorts of other puppets too! Stop by and check them out on Facebook!

When I saw these penguin counters we just HAD to make them! I do have to admit, the rocks were not easy to find. I searched for the ones she used but couldn't find them ANYWHERE!!! I had finally given up hope when I happened on to these ones at Walmart for $3. (They were in the floral department!)

I thought that I would end up doing most of these but my daughter started on them and ran with it!!

When it was all said and done, we now have 100 little penguins to use for math counters! As soon as she had finished painting them, she started counting them until she got to 100 and as soon as she was done with that she started counting them by 2s! Then she asked "What else can I do with them?" and I pulled out the Add it! Math Game and Subtract it!Math Games that I printed out from Confessions of a Homeschooler. (Her site is a wealth of information and printables- seriously go check it out!)


  1. Those little penguins are super cute! I can't believe she made all of them!

  2. These are so Cute!! My sons love 365 penguins and what a great idea.

  3. I am amazed that your daughter did 100 penguin counters - WOW! We also enjoyed this book last week - thank you for joining WMCIR!


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