In the wee small hours of the morning....two moms were chatting from almost 2000 miles apart. They were seperated by two times zones, 30+ driving hours, a very large mountain range and more rivers than you want to count...but connected by good friendship and four little girls who adore each other....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hugs from Washington

How on earth would you go about mailing a hug? :) This sweet book about a young pig mailing a hug to his grandmother really struck a cord with us. It would be so nice to think that it could actually happen the way it does in the book, with a hug getting passed all the way to his nice Grandma via the postal workers passing this hug from one person to another with it eventually making it's way to Grandma!

My kids loved this book and I really enjoyed the conversation we had about what other ways we could use to send a hug!

My youngest suggested we just go visit and give the hug ourselves....

My oldest thought we could draw or take a picture of ourselves and send it in a card....

When I asked if she had any other ideas she ask "You do don't you?". Little miss smarty pants... too funny!

Which of course I did have another idea! Why not get a large piece of paper (we happen to keep a huge roll of butcher paper on hand for such projects!) and trace out our bodies! That way we can mail "ourselves" to our grandparents! They thought this was great and instantly started talking about what they wanted to draw on for clothes and such.... Although I do have to warn you to speak in detail about this project with little ones. At one point I mentioned mailing my littlest one to her Grammy and Papa and she got almost an instant panic look on her face!!! She felt much better when I clearified that we would mail the paper one not the real one! :)

Want more ideas?

Another idea for mailing a hug woul be this card that we made at the library a few years ago!

And this banner was made for a birthday card for their Opa! We spelled out "Happy Birthday" in pictures.... I bet he felt like he'd been hugged, don't you? :)

How would you send a hug? :)


  1. I LOVE the idea of mailing themselves to grandparents! What an incredibly creative idea - one I'm going to try!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for being part of the Read-Along. We've already got this on hold at the library. I can't wait to send some hugs of our own.

  3. As a grandma who lives a long way from her grandbabies, I loved your idea of mailing a hug! I also teach Kindergarten, and we have Grandparent's Day coming up in May. I will add this book and your great ideas to my file. Thanks for sharing. I also wanted to say that I love it that you had your kids generate the ideas of what to do for a book project! What a great teaching moment!

  4. I'm a grandma far away from little ones, and I think these are wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Those are all wonderful ideas! I think we will be mailing a hug to grandma soon, and I will be looking for this book. Thanks again for joining WMCIR!

  6. I just found you through What My Child is Reading, and I love your site! I can't wait to see all your book reviews and ideas.

  7. I simply adore these ideas! This book is on my library list now! Thank you.

  8. Thank you so much. I'm going on Amazon right now and ordering the book. I'm a grandmom of 2 in Florida and 1 in New Jersey. I'm always sending hugs and missing them. What a great book for them (and me) to read.


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