In the wee small hours of the morning....two moms were chatting from almost 2000 miles apart. They were seperated by two times zones, 30+ driving hours, a very large mountain range and more rivers than you want to count...but connected by good friendship and four little girls who adore each other....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coming this month!

Our blog was featured on Helping Little Hands! Check there each day for new books to read and activities to make! What a fabulous month of reading we are going to have!!!

And.... for a theme for reading on our blog this month, check back weekly for new books about the far north! Alaska it is!!! Did you know that the Iditarod, the last great race, starts on Saturday? Since we can't be there in person we are making the best of it and reading everything related to it that we can get our hands on! And of course we're crazy about this song!!

FYI- While our family are HUGE fans of Hobo Jim songs, please be sure to listen to his other songs before letting our kids listen to them. :) They may not all be suitable for your family. :)

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  1. Thanks for the mention! And I love the song. I'd never heard it before.


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