In the wee small hours of the morning....two moms were chatting from almost 2000 miles apart. They were seperated by two times zones, 30+ driving hours, a very large mountain range and more rivers than you want to count...but connected by good friendship and four little girls who adore each other....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cobwebs in Washington! lol

No, really... I did just clean my house! lol Perhaps that's why we don't have tinsel on our tree?

The funny thing about this book is that when Jackie and I were picking out our books to read this month we both picked books that had to do with spiders and Christmas... kinda odd I know, to have spiders and Christmas but even odder that we both had this sort of book on our list! lol

 Jackie picked Cobweb Christmas...

And I chose "Allie the Christmas Spider"  (Thanks to One Pink Fish!)

 So of course we figured that we'd make a spider for our tree too!!! We were in Montana when we did this so we got to head out to a bead store with Grandma and picked out some great ones for our spiders!!
 BUT, if you don't want to hunt down your own you can go HERE and get a kit sent right to your door!! :)

It didn't take me long to find some great tutorials online and away we went!!

Now, I have to warn you, this is more of a mom craft than a kid craft... the wires were hard to get just right so it was hard for the kiddos to do and they lost interest in watching me work on them but boy were they excited to have the finished product!! I imagine they will end up living with the fairies in the fairy house but for now they reside in our Christmas tree! It sounds like a good excuse to stop cleaning if you ask me... lol... perhaps we'll have tinsel on our tree come Christmas morning! :)


  1. That link to tutorials is fab! I love the little spider hanging on the web - will be trying that one for sure. And maybe the seed beaded one; I think I have lots of those.
    I picked up the Christmas Spider book at the library and M really liked it - she's very picky about what books she likes and it helped that that one has many animals in it. :)
    I'll report back!

  2. OH the book we read was Cobweb Christmas. lol.


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