In the wee small hours of the morning....two moms were chatting from almost 2000 miles apart. They were seperated by two times zones, 30+ driving hours, a very large mountain range and more rivers than you want to count...but connected by good friendship and four little girls who adore each other....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Drummer Mouse... in Washington!

Where has this month gone?! I think it's going at warp speed or something! We have been reading so many amazing books lately and working on crafts for fun and for gifts.... but there just isn't enough time in the day to do it all! So... I'm FINALLY getting to my post from last week... I see a New Year's resolution in my future. Maybe someday I'll have this book blog more organized in posting. Thankyou all for sticking with us!!

I thought I would start off by introducing our own little barn mouse who we have effectionately named Templeton (we are big fans of Charlottes Web). He lives in our chicken coop and comes out occasionally for snacks when we are out there... Can't you just imagine him playing a little drum?

Last week's book, The Little Drummer Mouse by Mercer Meyer, has got to be one of my very favorite Christmas books out of our entire collect. I don't know if it's the story, the pictures or just simply the fact that it includes a mouse that has me intrigued. For anyone that knows me, it's no secret that I like rodents. I think that a good portion of all our favorite books have some sort of rodent in it whether it be a mouse, rat or chipmunk! And my holiday list of favorite books is no different! I think there is something about little children being able to relate well with someone little and dainty and it just adds a bit of wonder when you imagine what their lives are like with tiny homes made underground and other woodland friends to explore with ...this book seems to capture that feeling of being small and thinking that you don't have much to offer the world... only to find out that he really had so very much to offer...

So on to the crafts!

This one happened to be fairly simple but I like the fact that they had to take their time and that in the end it will be a real keepsake!

We started off with this manger set from Hobby Lobby...

And then set off to an afternoon of painting! We used water color paint so it would still show the detail of the wood.

Ta da!!

As I mentioned, we like books with rodents in them. I really don't try to seek them out, they just seem to find their way to us! lol

Mortimer's Christmas Manger is another one of my VERY favorites... I know it's almost Christmas but I really think this one is worth reading even if you can't get a hold of it until after the holidays have passed. I like the sweet pictures of course and the fact that it is about a little mouse is just perfect but what I like about it the most, is that the mouse is much like our children this time of year... at times only thinking about themselves. Sometimes it takes a wakeup call to realize what this season is really about and this book captures it beautifully! Definately a must read!

I have hopes of sharing more with you about the next book on our list...

.... but lets be realistic... I might not get there... lol

So incase I don't~ Let me wish you a VERY MERRY Christmas!

I thankyou all for joining us on our very bumpy start to a new adventure and look forward to smoother travels in the coming months! No matter how busy your days get... don't forget to take a break, snuggle up with your favorite little person and READ!!!

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  1. You all did an amazing job on the manger! Beautiful! I'll have to keep that in mind for when M is a little older.
    We will be working on the Christmas Web story Thurs. - We've already read it and she loves it! I hope to get a spider made for her tree. :)


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